Visio Training - Webinar

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"Visio Training consists of animating a course remotely thanks to virtual classroom software (web conferencing). The trainer is in contact with the trainee as in a face-to-face training.

Visio training is the flagship training method of LearnPerfect, developed by the management team in France more than 15 years ago"


Visio Training

Visio training offers all the advantages and the virtues of classroom trainings without the travelling, time and logistics constraints as it is done remotely.

Visio training is a synchronous pedagogical method where the trainer is in constant interaction with the trainees: by voice, images, sharing of resources and screen as well as many other tools available to the trainer.

Visio training is accessible from a simple computer (pc, mac, Ipad) with an internet connection.

Access to Visio training can be done via:

  • A workstation
  • A dedicated station
  • Resource centre
  • Home
  • At a hotel/While travelling

At LearnPerfect, Visio training is available in 2 methods:

  • Private and individual lessons « One to One »
  • In group lessons «  One to few »

Individual language courses

Office Group lessons visio


LearnPerfect also provides its courses in Webinar form. It is online seminars using the same technologies as Virtual Classroom (web conferencing) in a « One to Many ».

These Webinars can be proposed in fields covered by LearnPerfect but also in co-animation on business contents/knowledge with the client.